Laying a New Concrete Driveway: A Guide

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Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

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While you can choose various materials for a home driveway, not many substances provide the benefits of concrete. Read on to discover what these are.


Concrete is a strong paving material that you can customise to your needs. For example, you can use concrete to carry the weight of a family vehicle. Even if someone in your household drives a massive truck, you can lay concrete that will withstand the weight of that burden. Concrete comes in different densities, and contractors can also insert steel mesh inside the concrete, pouring the cement around it. As such, they can create the right strength of concrete for virtually any purpose.

Decorative Options

With some paving options, you simply choose between what's available. For example, stone or brick pavers come in particular colours and shapes. While you have some choice, it's limited. On the other hand, decorative options for concrete are virtually endless.

Contractors can colour cement with pigments, stains and dyes in any colour. Plus, they can press stamping moulds onto the cement before it sets to give it texture as well. Many different stamps are available that can mimic rock, cobblestones and timber planks. You don't simply get to choose from what's on offer. Instead, you can easily design the driveway specifically for your property.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Once you pour a concrete driveway, it will last for many years and require little maintenance. Seal decorative concrete as recommended to protect the colours and textures from stains and weathering. Besides that, the paving won't need much work except for a sweep or an occasional spray with a hose.

The colours and textures of decorative concrete also help hide stains and keep your driveway looking newer for longer. Another benefit is that the continuous concrete won't allow weeds to sprout up as they can between individual pavers. Thus, you won't have to waste your weekend on tedious weeding tasks.

Unify Your Property

Concrete can be used in many other areas of your property, allowing you to create a unified look. For example, you could build a concrete patio or pool deck that harmonises with the driveway you've designed. You may not repeat the design exactly, but you could echo colours or elements. For example, if the driveway features a border that mimics grey slate pavers, you could use similarly coloured and textured cement around the back of your property to create cohesion. Because concrete services can fine-tune the colour, they can harmonise the paving perfectly with the house and landscape as well. Contact a concrete service to learn more.