Laying a New Concrete Driveway: A Guide

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Should You Repave Your Driveway With Exposed Aggregate?

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Having a worn down driveway can be a huge eyesore on your property. Not to mention the constant skidding that your vehicle may be exposed to during wet weather since the surface will be crumbling. Thus, you may be looking into the replacing it with the previous surface material you had and restore its functionality. However, if you would like to increase your kerb appeal while still making the most of durable driveway materials, you may want to consider a different option from regular concrete or asphalt paving. Read on for reasons why you should repave your driveway with exposed aggregate.  

Exposed aggregate lends a unique design to your driveway

Homeowners typically overlook driveway aesthetics as they simply consider this space as an area to park their car. However, when your vehicle is not parked on the driveway, it does take a considerable amount of visual interest on your property. If your driveway is not matching the exterior design of your home, you could find that it will make your premises appear less appealing. Exposed aggregate is a convenient way of eliminating this disparity as you can use the material on various elements of your yard. From garden edging, kerbing, walkways, pool edges and even your patio, exposed aggregate will make your property look more attractive and tie in the overall visual appeal of the exterior of your home.

Exposed aggregate eases driveway maintenance

With all the usage your driveway is exposed to, it is bound to get dirty at a fast rate. Thus, some people may just choose to ignore driveway cleaning and maintenance as they presume it will be a waste of time since it will collect dirt in no time. The problem with this neglect is that debris starts to embed itself on your driveway, leading to cracks and premature repairs. Homeowners looking for a material that will not require arduous maintenance would be satisfied with exposed aggregate. The tactile surface makes it harder for debris to become buried in the surface. Secondly, the durability of the exposed aggregate makes it less likely to succumb to wear. Lastly, all that would be required of you would be an occasional sweeping and hose down to keep it presentable.

Exposed aggregate increases the traction of your driveway

When compared to other surfacing materials, undeniably exposed aggregate provides the highest degree of traction. This traction is advantageous for numerous reasons. Not only would your vehicle's tyres be supplied with adequate grip, but you also prevent accidental slips and falls when the driveway is wet.