Laying a New Concrete Driveway: A Guide

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Commercial Driveway: Understanding the Factors Influencing Project Costs

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Concrete driveways are ideal for commercial spaces because the material is highly resilient. In simple terms, the concrete structure can withstand high pressure and mechanical stress without damage. Therefore, your business operation will have prolonged service with minimal expenses on repairs and maintenance. Also, concrete driveways are quite attractive. Unfortunately, the cost of installing this type of surface in your commercial property can be high in comparison to most alternatives. If you are concerned about your financial resources, you should understand the factors which influence the price. The information will be invaluable in preparing and managing the project budget.

Foundation Preparation

Proper preparation of the ground is essential for the construction of a long-lasting driveway. In general, if the base upon which the concrete surface is laid is not stable, the driveway will not become stable. The ground beneath will begin shifting, and the concrete might begin to crack because of the stress. Therefore, you must set apart a significant amount of money for the preparation of the foundation. Your total expenses will be higher if you are building the driveway from scratch.

The higher costs can be attributed to the resources required for the excavation of the ground. You might also have to purchase subgrade substrate if your soil is unsuitable. Gravel driveways are good bases for concrete driveway construction. So, you might not need to prepare a new foundation. Regardless of the condition, you should remember to mention the details of your current driveway when consulting your concrete contractor so that you will get an accurate quote.

Material Choice

The concrete mixes which are used in the construction of commercial driveways are not equal. In simple terms, the constituents incorporated into the building material are not homogenous. Therefore, the selected concrete mix for your project will have an impact on your costs. Typically, the price of mix purchase is directly proportional to the strength of the built driveway. However, if you choose an inexpensive but weak mix, your surface will fail prematurely, necessitating replacement. For the best results, you must find the right balance between mixture strength and price.

Appeal Enhancement

Finally, you should note that the design and colouring processes employed for the driveways will influence the final price. Finishing procedures can vary in complexity and appearance. So, your chosen process for surface enhancement will determine the charges. If you choose a simple staining or coating technique, the costs will be low. However, time-consuming decorative processes such as stamping can cause a significant increase in the financial demands.