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Getting a Grip: Why Exposed Aggregate is Perfect for Poolsides

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Many Australian households own a swimming pool. Whether you already form a part of this number or are considering joining it, it's well worth considering different options for your pool and the area surrounding it. As the industry expands, more and more options are available to choose from, allowing pool owners—and prospective pool owners—to balance functionality with a beautiful aesthetic. One emerging trend is the idea of using exposed aggregate to surround your pool. Why? There are a whole variety of reasons.


First and foremost, exposed aggregate just looks good. It's commonly used for driveways at the front of homes because it's a visually interesting and cost-effective alternative to tiling or covered concrete. It can look equally as interesting around your pool area. You can have exposed aggregate in a variety of tones and shades—largely neutral, but in a spectrum from warm to cool so that there's an option for every garden. It also transitions nicely between other flooring types, so it won't look out of place next to existing tiles or slabs outside your home. 


In a high-traffic area such as the space around your swimming pool, you need flooring that's durable enough to take a beating—and all that splashing! Exposed aggregate is ideal for this. Once treated, it is unlikely to chip easily or get worn away, and it won't be damaged by the water. This is the kind of job that only needs to be done once over the space of a decade or more. Especially considering that it's not bank-breaking in the first place, that's really cost-effective.


You might advise your kids not to run around by the pool, but invariably they'll forget. Having flooring like exposed aggregate, which is a little uneven at a micro level and offers much more natural grip than smooth tile, may be a wise option. Despite that grip, it's also not sharp; it's perfectly safe and comfortable to walk on with bare swimmers' feet. Of course, it still won't be safe to charge around the area at high speed, but hopefully, it will help both you and any little ones to keep their footing once water has been splashed up from the pool.

As such, whether you're looking to upgrade your pool area or construct it in the first place, exposed aggregate is an excellent option worth your consideration. Speak to local contractors to see if they have any samples, and you can really get a feel for how fresh and different your pool might look.